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Update your Dental Practice with Pure, Reliable Deionized/Distilled Water

Imagine a dental practice where reliable, ultra-pure water is always on tap. Refresh Pure Water's revolutionary Deionized (DI) System makes it a reality. DI water acts as the lab equivalent of distilled water, ensuring the highest level of purity for all your dental needs.


Experience the Benefits of On-Site Deionized Water

Cost-effective: Eliminate jug deliveries and enjoy on-site production.

Convenient: Access unlimited, always-available DI water through a dedicated faucet.

Guaranteed Purity: Consistently zero Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) for critical dental applications.

Improved Efficiency: Streamline workflows and save valuable time spent managing water supplies.


Advanced Technology for Unmatched Performance

  • Pre-carbon and sediment filter removes impurities.

  • Reverse Osmosis (R/O) filter for exceptional purification.

  • Deionization filter for ultra-pure water.

  • Under-sink bladder tank for ample storage.

  • Dedicated faucet for effortless dispensing.

Perfect for All Your Dental Needs

Ensures Flawless Instrument Sterilization: Our DI water guarantees zero impurities, perfect for autoclaves and sterilizers, eliminating the risk of contamination during critical instrument cleaning.

Elevates Impression Accuracy: Mix alginates, impression materials, and cements with pure DI water to achieve optimal results. 

Extends Equipment Life: Regular rinsing and cleaning with DI water removes mineral deposits and impurities that can damage your dental equipment. This proactive approach promotes long-lasting performance and saves you money on replacements.

Ready to experience the power of pure DI water? Call 888.669.1685 or fill out the form below to schedule your Free Consultation.

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