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Ice & Specialty

Whether it's ensuring patient well-being in healthcare settings or keeping staff and visitors hydrated in breakrooms, offices, and beyond, a reliable water dispenser is more than just a convenience – it's a key contributor to a healthy and productive environment.


With Refresh Pure Water, our multi-stage purification system and proprietary filters guarantee consistently clean, delicious water and ice with every dispense.


Upgrade your breakroom, enhance patient care, and boost overall well-being with Refresh Pure Water. Contact us today!


Our Ice & Specialty Dispenser Range


The RPW4 is the latest innovative sparkling water unit with the same state-of-the-art Refresh Pure Water technology. This water purification unit dispenses hot, cold, ambient and sparkling water, using lead reduction carbon filtration to provide crisp, clean water every time.

Water Cooler

Water Cooler


The RPW12 uses state-of-the-art reverse osmosis purification to produce tulip ice and hot, cold, and ambient water. Its comfort-height and touch-activated dispensing design offers no-bend dispensing.

Ice Machine

Ice Machine

Touch Free Dispensing

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Our RPW9000 units have a touch free sensor and ‘self-dispense pad’ control activation for ultimate cleanliness and safety.


Deionized System

Revolutionize your dental practice with Refresh Pure Water's Deionized (DI) water systems. Experience streamlined workflows, unwavering quality control, and peace of mind.

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