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Drinking Water

Refresh Pure Water's innovative dispensers transform your tap water into pure perfection.  Their 5-stage purification system ensures you enjoy the cleanest, healthiest water possible.  The sleek design seamlessly integrates into your space, showcasing premium quality.  


Effortless touch-activated sensors dispense ample amounts of hot and cold water, while the versatile design allows for quick and easy filter changes, maintaining a clean and modern aesthetic throughout.  


Upgrade your hydration experience with Refresh Pure Water today!


Our Drinking Water Range


The compact design of the RPW9 CT allows it to fit conveniently on your breakroom tabletop in your office. It uses both touch activated buttons and ‘self-dispense pad’ control activation for ultimate user flexibility. 

Water Cooler



The RPW5 provides you with the absolute highest-quality premium hot, and cold purified water. The extra tall paddle dispense area provides a more comfortable dispense height for the user, while the large tanks provide a large amount of water for most offices.

Water Cooler



The newly designed RPW9 provides the absolute highest-quality premium purified water. The taller design allows for a more comfortable dispense height, with touch-free sensor operation allowing for ultimate cleanliness, safety and an innovative user experience.

Water Cooler


Touch Free Dispensing

w9ct final.png

Our RPW9000 units have a touch free sensor and ‘self-dispense pad’ control activation for ultimate cleanliness and safety.


Deionized System

Revolutionize your dental practice with Refresh Pure Water's Deionized (DI) water systems. Experience streamlined workflows, unwavering quality control, and peace of mind.

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