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Purify Your Business with Refresh Pure Water.

Elevate your office environment with our state-of-the-art 5-Stage purification systems, ensuring clean and pure drinking water that your team can trust. 

Why Go Bottle Free?

Saves Time

Saves Money

No Bottles

Saves The Environment

Saves Space

No Deliveries

Better Quality Water

Enjoy peace of mind with every sip.

Trust in the purity of your drinking water. Our 5-stage state-of-the-art purification process ensures the removal of bacteria, viruses, and harmful contaminants, providing you with medical-grade, pure, and refreshing water you can rely on for your business or office.

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Enjoy pure water without the added cost.

Why pay extra to have bottled water delivered when you already have water on-site? With Refresh Pure Water's 5-Stage purification systems, enjoy clean, pure drinking water right at your workplace. Say goodbye to impurities and harmful contaminants without the added expense.

Reduce waste, refresh your world.

By choosing Refresh Pure Water, you're not just choosing purity for your business - you're choosing sustainability. Our advanced water filters eliminate the need for bulky plastic, reducing your environmental impact and contributing to a cleaner, greener future. Join us in creating a world of sustainable hydration.


Try Free For 7-Days

We are so confident you will love our service we offer a no-obligation 7-day free trial of any of our machines. Contact us today at 888.669.1685 or fill in the form below to request your trial today.

Water Coolers

No need to deal with water deliveries or storage. Our filtered water coolers connect directly to your building’s existing water supply.

Ice Machines

Need ice? Our ice machines use the same advanced filtration and purification technologies as our water coolers, to deliver the cleanest, best-tasting ice.

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Schedule A Free Trial

Call Us Today: 888.669.1685
or Fill out the Form Below and One of Our Team Will Get Back To You

Why Choose Us?

Our 5 stage Reverse Osmosis system is superior to any system on the market, and you get that all with the lowest monthly costs, no hidden fees and great attention to detail and customer service.


Refresh Pure Water does not charge for filter changes, installation, upkeep or service. We are able to maintain the lowest prices in the industry through the volume of units that we manufacture.


There is no other company that can provide the quality to cost to service ratio of Refresh.

How About That Free Trial?

Call us on 888.669.1685 or Fill Out The Below Form to Request Your 7 Day Trial.
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