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  • Natalie Correll

Help Your Fellow Businesses Stay Hydrated & Get Rewarded: Refresh Pure Water's Business Referral Program!

Looking to promote healthy hydration for your fellow businesses while earning some extra credit for your own company? Refresh Pure Water's Business Referral Program is here for you!

Here's how it works:

  • Spread the Refresh Pure Water love: Know other businesses that could benefit from our top-notch water filtration systems? Share your positive experience with Refresh Pure Water and recommend our services!

  • They sign up for Refresh Pure Water service: Once a referred business signs up, be sure to have them mention your company name or referral code on the signup form. This lets us know you deserve the credit!

  • You get rewarded! As a thank you for the referral, you'll get a cool $50 after the installation is complete and the new customer signs up for service.

That's right, a $50 credit towards your Refresh Pure Water service!  It's a win-win situation. Here's why your fellow businesses will love Refresh Pure Water:

  • Crystal-clear, safe, purified water for the entire office: Our innovative filtration systems remove impurities and contaminants, providing everyone with water that tastes better than bottled water.

  • Improved employee health and productivity: Proper hydration is essential for employee well-being and focus. Refresh Pure Water ensures everyone in the office can access clean, refreshing water all day, promoting better energy levels and overall productivity.

  • Eco-friendly solution: Say goodbye to bulky plastic water bottles! Refresh Pure Water is a sustainable solution that helps reduce plastic waste and promote a more eco-conscious office environment.

  • Convenience: Never run out of water again! Our reliable service ensures your office always has a fresh supply of clean, filtered water on hand.

Don't wait! Start referring fellow businesses today and help them enjoy the benefits of clean, refreshing water while earning some credit towards your service. With Refresh Pure Water, healthy hydration for your office and rewards for your business go hand-in-hand!

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